As  Private Membership Association, we are constitutionally created under the First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, Tenth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution… and:

1. Freedom of speech to share information and voice our opinions about anything that concerns us including alternatives to drugs, invasive surgery, vaccines, toxic chemicals, unlabeled GMO foods, pharmaceutical drugs in our water supply and anything else that may cause or exacerbate any physical, emotional, mental, medical or psychological concern, condition, disease, disorder or illness of any kind.
2. Freedom to confidentially assemble with other people of a like mind so we can learn about alternative, complementary, holistic, integrative and natural health, nutrition, therapies and wellness.
3. Freedom of choice for our own health, nutrition and wellness decisions including any diagnosis, treatment or intervention.
4. Freedom of self-determination based on access to all available information to help us make our own decisions about our own health, life, nutrition, therapies and wellness and that of our family, pets and dependents.
5. Freedom of Privacy and all of the inalienable human rights guaranteed to us all by the US Constitution.

We are committed to the health and well being of mind, body, and spirit.

You have to be a member in order to receive all benefits from our PMA. Please download an application, sign, date and e-mail  to:  

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Make a payment by PayPal or check mailed to:

Nature Cures
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